I’m a Kuwaiti national born in 1961. Received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Motion Pictures and Photography at Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, California. Currently working for a TV station in Kuwait as a creative consultant. The work you see started one day out of boredom in 2002 by experimenting in Photoshop with photos I have taken throughout the years. Over time, I developed my own technique and style in manipulating the images through the process of collage and finishing by adding textures and color. It is stylized, personalized, and very open to interpretation, but most importantly revolves around the idea that sometimes you just need to do something for the fun of it and express a certain vision of one's own. It is a collective journey through moods and phases that have elevated and digressed. It is all around a continuous momentum of thoughts, the balance that allows the mind to thrive and sway. Ascended from moods, and where time is of the essence… guided by the absence of fear. Open at the heart, these portraits are raw and feel caught in between expressions. They are meant to viewed in vulnerable states of human emotions, before recognizing them as lonely, angry, happy, or isolated, they are frozen in a private investigation of self, perhaps even secretive and never intended to be seen by others.
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